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NEW!! In an effort to reduce waste and make our company greener, Sunflower Wrestling is proud to offer one of the first digital catalogs in the industry. Along with reducing paper waste, we are able to offer a more interactive and enjoyable experience for our customers! With the digital catalog it is easy to email, download, print, save, and shop. Younger wrestlers can visit the catalog and save exact pages for wish-lists, so parents and grandparents can get them exactly what they want. We still want to have direct communication with our customers, so if there is something wrong with the catalog give us a call and we can help you out. Thank you for all of your business and good luck in your coming endeavors!

Mike McClintock, Kevin Davidson, Grant Turner

Sunflower Wrestling Inc.

To enter our digital catalog, simply press on the link below and enjoy the state-of-the-art experience!

Sunflower Wrestling 2011-12 Catalog

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